If you need to furnish a structure, such as a club, a hotel or even your own prestigious property, contract furnishing is one of the options available to you. It is a service that can offer you what in English is called a “turnkey project“. By choosing contract furniture, you are entrusting a job to professionals who are responsible for fulfilling all of your assignments. The management and timing for the delivery of services and products is set out in a contract agreement between the parties. But what are the main phases of this type of service?

A few simple steps

A contract furnishing project requires a few important steps, all of which must be respected in order to avoid wasting time and resources. The first step involves analysing your request. You can then make an appointment with the designers and planners to present your ideas. This is followed by the design phase, where the interior contractor will use software to simulate the final result on the computer. This way you can see with your own eyes how your environment will change or what your new restaurant or hotel will look like.

Next comes the drawing up of the project and its realisation. This last phase will be more or less complex depending on the type of structure to be furnished. Hotels or other buildings, for example, require the furnishing not only of common areas, but also of individual rooms. This will make the contract furnishing project more elaborate and will take longer to complete. If every element is taken care of in detail, it will certainly be worth the wait.


Many advantages not to be underestimated

As you will have understood, when we talk about contract furniture we are talking about a complete and exhaustive service, starting from the idea and arriving at the final fitting. Contract furnishing is a choice that allows you to save time and have a single contact person. The latter will take care of everything, from the interior design to the production and assembly of the furniture.

By relying on a group of professionals, you will be able to obtain a quality project, studied down to the smallest detail. You will be able to touch the materials and see your ideas and personal desires take shape first on paper, then in 3D and then in your everyday life.

Contract furnishing includes all the phases that allow you to transform your design ideas into a comfortable and functional environment from every point of view.

Arredamento contract: le soluzioni di Marchi Interior Design

If what you are looking for is a complete service, from the design to the assembly of the furniture, you can rely on our company. Marchi Interior Design puts at your disposal the skills, professionalism and creativity of a large staff of professionals. We will listen to your ideas and take care of the design using the most modern software in the sector.

We will then transform your project into a turnkey project and provide you with a contract furniture service tailored to your needs. Whether you need to furnish a pastry shop, a hotel, a restaurant, an office, a bar or a delicatessen, we at Marchi Interior Design are here for you. We are waiting for you!