The laboratory of Marchi Interior Design, with its team of experienced and qualified architects and designers, has always been involved in customised café design. Therefore, if you would like to open a café of this kind, you can count on us: we can design and create the perfect place for you. We will accompany you step by step, from the conception to the final realisation of the project.

Furnishing your café is our mission

Our aim is to understand what the entrepreneur wants and bring his interior design wishes to life. So we look forward to helping you too. What atmosphere do you want to create for your business? What style of furniture do you prefer? What kind of customers do you want to attract? Tell us your ideas and we will do our best to provide you with the best customised café design service. Our experienced designers will work with you to value your ideas and turn them into reality.

Our job is to make your wishes come true by selecting the best solutions for the organisation of the space, the choice of materials, colours and furnishings. The first step is your idea: based on this, our team will help you choose the most suitable solution for the realisation of your café.

Many options for designing your customised café

With Marchi Interior Design, you have a potentially infinite number of options and can even combine different styles. For example, you can create a warm and cosy ambience by using and mixing different types of wood and colour. Light tones such as sage green can be used to give your venue a vintage feel. Lights that are not too bright will also be ideal.

For a self-respecting environment in every respect, we can combine tradition and innovation. We could opt for a combination of dark wood furniture, to be concentrated in the attractive pole of the café which is the counter, with minimal furniture and clear walls. The contrast created will make the atmosphere of the café relaxed and welcoming!

customised cafeteria design

Contemporary style

When designing a bespoke café in a contemporary style, it is a good idea to combine clear colours such as black and white, strong lines and lighting that does not leave any dark areas. All this could be accompanied by glass walls that give an idea of the breadth of the space and invite the customer to enter the premises.

Request customised cafeteria design service

These are just a few of the proposals we can offer you for the creation of a customised establishment designed to attract new customers every day. By asking for our support you will be able to have a wide choice of options and count on a complete service. In fact, at Marchi Interior Design we take care of everything, from customised café design to the production of the furniture, right up to the assembly of the furniture and the fitting out of the premises. Together we can create a functional environment from every point of view, perfect for you who want to start a successful business.