We at Marchi Interior Design have become a reference point for many entrepreneurs and professionals. We offer a high-quality contract furniture service for any type of environment: from hotels to bars and restaurants. If you want to design the interior design of your pastry shop, our team of professionals is at your disposal. We will do our utmost to enhance your location with a totally unique, personal style that combines beauty and functionality.

Here’s what we can do for you

The first step on our journey is always a proper consultation, accompanied by a thorough inspection. With us as your partner, you can count on the support of a team that will listen to your ideas and wishes, give you advice and offer you excellent solutions. We will then move on to the actual design of the interior design of the bakery. During this phase, we will decide together on all the work that needs to be done and the materials to be used to create a perfect environment in every respect.

Thanks to the use of new technologies, we will offer you a preview of your project: you will be able to see your new pastry shop even before it is built!

Pastry shop interior design: from theory to production

By choosing to design your premises with us, you will benefit from a complete service. From consultancy we will move on to design and then to the production of the furnishings. In our work we always use the best materials and pay attention to every detail. On every occasion, our aim is to guarantee a high-quality result within the timeframe and, above all, in accordance with the customer’s wishes.

Finally, we will take care of the assembly and fitting out: Marchi Interior Design will take care of assembling all the furniture that will bring the interior design of the pastry shop to life. Naturally, this service does not have an additional cost, but is included in the price foreseen in the estimate established prior to the start of work.


A project, a guarantee

What is certain is that, after working with our team, your bakery will have a completely new and absolutely functional appearance. Nothing will be left to chance and everything will be taken care of down to the last detail. Every room in your establishment will have a unique and inimitable design.

Our pastry shop interior design projects are turnkey projects. This means that our work is only finished when you have achieved the perfect pastry shop for you and your future customers.

Ask us as soon as possible for a personalised interior design project for your pastry shop

Our aim has always been to ensure quality, functionality and beauty, but also strength, safety and durability.

These are the characteristics that every piece of furniture or furnishing accessory should guarantee its users. These are the characteristics common to all our furniture, which you can benefit from by requesting a customised project for the interior design of your bakery. Contact us as soon as possible to find out more about our service and to obtain an initial personalised consultation. Hurry up: your future customers are waiting for you!