Opening a restaurant today means creating a meeting place where taste can meet style.  It is therefore necessary to offer a space of tranquillity and joyful sharing, which allows you to keep away the fatigue and confusion of daily life at least for a few hours. But how do you stand out with understated elegance? Opting for the design of a vintage restaurant is certainly a winning choice. This style, especially in recent times, allows you to step back into the past. It tells the story of the past by enhancing it with furnishings and accessories capable of increasing the value of the restaurant’s offerings.

When it comes to vintage restaurant design, objects and furniture become essential references, highlights and iconic symbols destined to fascinate every customer.

The characteristics of this furnishing style

The vintage style has a special fascination that increases when the designer is able to bring older lines into dialogue with more modern design. This style implements original furniture enhanced by pragmatic and contemporary inserts and accessories that give balance to the forms. It allows for the creation of a unique and cosy ambience, but it is also capable of attracting a wider target group than expected and winning over several generations. For all these reasons, more and more restaurateurs are asking for our support in designing their vintage restaurant.

The colours not to be underestimated when designing the perfect vintage restaurant

When opting for such a unique style, it is necessary to use colours well. They will also contribute to the pleasant feeling of those in the room. They should relax, almost losing the perception of time, and cancel out the rush. Neutral colours are recommended: pastel shades, beige, pink and light green.

These chromatic nuances should also be the protagonists of the furniture chosen, which can also be made from recycled materials. For example, an old barrel can become a wine larder and an old-fashioned television can become an original point of support.

Lighting that welcomes and envelops the customer

Warm and soft lights are the watchwords. It is a good idea to opt for modern, functional light points that illuminate antique lamps and other objects that are simply intended to enrich the ambience. When designing your vintage restaurant, every detail should be taken care of and the lighting should be chosen carefully. The lighting should give a feeling of warmth and make the environment even more welcoming.

The various stages of vintage restaurant design

It’s not just about good taste. In order to create a unique ambience, it is necessary to use precise planning. After the choice of this style, you should concentrate on making sure that every detail has a positive impact on your customers.

It all begins with an inspection, which starts the brainstorming process and then the outlining of ideal solutions. Then we can move on to the actual design, then to the production and sourcing of the furniture, to any building work and finally to the fitting out…

This is just a summary of what we do at Marchi Interior Design. For the design of your vintage restaurant, you can count on our support. We will guarantee you a personalised, special project aimed at winning over your customers. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our services.