What has allowed Marchi Interior Design to specialise in the field of business furnishing since 1952 is the attention we pay to our customers. We assess each individual design, supply and production requirement and do our best to deliver the very best every time. We put our experience in the sector at the service of our customers, in order to guarantee complete satisfaction and turnkey projects.
But how do we operate and, above all, what do we offer when it comes to business furnishing? It all starts with the careful and selective work of gathering information.

The first phase of realisation according to Marchi Interior Design

The attention that we at Marchi Interior Design pay to the design phase is the result of the awareness that a job well done begins with solid foundations. For this reason, our professionals work alongside the client and begin to realise the project. In this phase materials and styles are chosen according to the result to be achieved.

Thanks to the technology we have at our disposal, dedicated specifically to furnishing commercial activities, we are able to virtualise the work we are going to carry out. In this way we can show the customer a preview of what his shop will look like, to be sure of his complete satisfaction.

Furniture for commercial activities: from production to furniture assembly

Once we have received the go-ahead from the customer, we will start the production and development work: in this phase, the customer’s project will take shape through our production tools. Only the best materials required in the design phase will be used. Wood, steel, glass or marble are treated and assembled in the best possible way to create our designs. Everything is done under the watchful eye of the customer, who can ask to see the status of the work at any time.

Once the production phase of the shopfitting has been completed, for which we ensure that the deadlines are met, we will proceed with the assembly of the furniture and the fitting out of the shop. Our highly qualified staff will always carry out the installation in accordance with all the customer’s instructions.


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Turn to Marchi Interior Design for the furnishing of commercial activities

At Marchi Interior Design we are experts in the creation of interiors of all types and with all types of material. Therefore, if you wish to avail yourself of the support of professionals in the field of business furnishing, please contact us. We will put our experience at your service and offer you unique, customised, quality solutions designed to help you win over your customers.

From the design to the actual fitting out and furnishing of your business, we will take care of everything and we will certainly not let you down! Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our services.