Furnishing a room or shop in the right way is an important step for anyone who decides to start a business or renovate it. Today we are talking in particular about interior design for gastronomy. So, if you have a delicatessen or would like to open one, here is a short guide with some useful tips for choosing the right interior design.

Why is it so important to choose and design furniture with attention to detail?

Imagine going into a restaurant to buy delicious local products. It is true that the quality of the food is as important as the goodness of the dishes. But it’s also true that even the eye is important. Do you agree? This must apply not only to the arrangement of the dishes and the presentation of the culinary products, but also to the furniture of the restaurant. First impressions also count for a lot when it comes to interior design for gastronomy. Surprising customers with the right furnishings is therefore a more than effective strategy for a successful business.

Gastronomy interior design: choosing the predominant colour

One of the first things to do carefully when furnishing your delicatessen is certainly to choose a predominant colour. Don’t settle for plain white walls. To capture the interest of customers and differentiate yourself from the competition, you can opt for a different colour. The latest trends recommend pastel green, light blue and natural colours in general. If you want to be daring, there is no shortage of more eccentric tones such as orange and blue – it all depends on your preferences.

Interior design trends for gastronomy also show the possibility of using decorations, perhaps with some geometric shapes. They also suggest the use of fine wallpaper, which has become very fashionable in recent years.

interior design gastronomy

Choosing a furnishing style

Which style do you prefer? Which one is closest to your personality and the one you would like to “dress” your place with? Industrial, shabby, vintage and modern styles are all the rage these days.  Whatever your preference, remember that it is important not to mix too many patterns or styles. Therefore, if you want to decorate your walls in a special way, go for simple and straightforward furniture. If you have chosen a soft paint, you can be daring with colours and details.

When it comes to interior design for gastronomy, you can combine two similar styles, such as industrial and modern, and choose the one that should prevail. However, avoid doing this with two distinctly different furniture styles. In any case, it would be a good idea to avoid overloading the room with too much furniture and accessories. This can be confusing, but it will also give you more to do when it comes time to clean.

Interior design for gastronomy: the support of professionals

Define your style, which can be elegant and straightforward, informal and creative or vintage and neat, and consider the type of cuisine and products you offer. Once you have a clearer idea, let yourself be guided by the professionals of the sector, experts in the field of interior design for gastronomy: ask for support from Marchi Interior Design. We will be able to advise you on all the colours, patterns, styles, materials and furniture that best suit the environment you want to create and that will help you create a unique atmosphere.