Choosing carefully the furniture of hotel rooms is important for all those who have chosen to open a hotel or to renovate it to attract more customers. What should be the characteristics of each room? Which elements should be given the most value and which furnishing style is most appreciated?

Comfort first

It is clear that the first factor not to be underestimated when choosing hotel room furnishings is comfort. Every room should offer every kind of comfort and therefore comfortable, practical, functional and well-made furniture should be preferred. Providing a comfortable environment for a guest also means choosing the ideal bed and, if space permits, comfortable sofas and sofas. Comfort also applies to the bathroom. Therefore, the rooms should be designed to ensure the right amount of space and to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Hotel room furnishings: not only comfort

In addition to convenience and other factors that can enhance living comfort levels, safety must also be considered when choosing furniture. This is also fundamental. That is why it is necessary to rely on professionals and always choose products made from high-quality materials. These will guarantee resistance, durability and safety for users.

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The choice of style

When it comes to hotel room furnishings it is useful to say that there is one style that is very popular: the luxury style. This allows you to create a refined, appealing and classy ambience, and it can be more modern or more classic depending on taste. In order to implement it in one’s own rooms, it is necessary to choose furniture with excellent finishes and prestigious details. Total white is often the predominant feature chosen by most hoteliers. Black and white is also appealing because of the elegance created by the popular contrast that never goes out of fashion.

Another style that should not be underestimated is the contemporary style. It is simpler, but still classy, and is very popular with travellers of all ages. In order to achieve an aesthetic impact of a good calibre, it is always necessary to select furniture of high quality and finished with attention to detail. Whichever style you choose, you should always remember a small “rule”: less is more (less is more). Guests appreciate a hotelier who chooses a few excellent furnishings and a few highly practical, functional, beautiful and quality accessories.

Our support for hotel room furnishings

If you would like an interior design project tailored to your business and your needs, and you want to furnish your accommodation in the best possible way, do not hesitate to contact Marchi Interior Design. Our team will be happy to provide you with all the answers you are looking for and a personalised consultation. Then we can take care of the furnishing of hotel rooms in every respect. From the planning and supply of furniture and materials to the final fitting out, our designers and technical experts are at your disposal. We are waiting for you!