We are an excellent organisation

I nostri project manager seguono il progetto passo dopo passo, dall’idea e dai primi schizzi fino alla consegna dell’ambiente finito.

In contract furniture, the final stage is installation. After listening to the customer and completing the interior design and furniture production phases, we then move on to the final assembly and fitting. In this part of the process, we again provide our customers with a staff of specialised professionals.

Our technicians first carry out an internal check and quality control of the furniture, in particular through a pre-assembly operation. They then take care of the fitting out and assembly of the furniture on site, followed step by step by the project manager in charge. The installation will be completed within the set timeframe and without exceeding the estimated costs.

Marchi Interior Design offers a complete and professional service from design to delivery of the finished environment, from production to furniture assembly, following the furnishing project and the customer’s instructions. In any case we do our best to enhance every place with a personalised, qualitative design able to guarantee a great aesthetic impact.

A good design object is forever.