You may have heard of the term minimal style in relation to the interior design of hotels, restaurants, bars, pizzerias and other commercial establishments. But what exactly is meant by minimal style and how can it best be recreated? Let’s find out together with this short but effective guide.

The characteristics and special features of the minimal style

First of all it is useful to clarify the purpose of this style: to eliminate the superfluous and the inessential, so that the focus is on what is considered really important. What is really important? The room in question, the space available and the potential of each area.

The minimalist style favours an interior design in which simplicity is the protagonist. Be careful, however, not to make the mistake of thinking that by furnishing a room in this way, the environment risks appearing empty, bare and impersonal. On the contrary, each room will inevitably appear elegant, refined and, above all, functional.

The amount of furniture and accessories in a room should not be excessive or ornate, but the room should have exactly what is needed. This is what distinguishes the minimalist style in interior design.

Interior design where everything is minimalist

The colour role will also be essential: to reflect this style it is important to try to stay on light shades, preferably tending towards white, and not to mix too many colours. It is a good idea to aim for some contrast, for example using black or dark grey together with a softer tone.

Light is also considered an essential element. In this case, light points should be chosen to enhance certain areas of the room in question. In essence, therefore, the minimal style reflects a simple but well thought-out interior design, elegant and functional, essential and attractive. It is based on linearity and the right balance between furniture and accessories.

interior design room furniture minimal style

How best to recreate the minimalist style

If you are thinking of furnishing your shop, restaurant or hotel in a minimalist style, then you need to start by eliminating any excess. You won’t need too many decorations or knick-knacks, just high-quality, essential furniture, accessories and fittings. Design every corner with the intention of creating orderly (often open) spaces in which you can move around freely. Choose modern furniture and bring your idea of interior design made of elegance and harmony back into your living space.

Expert help with interior design

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