The new year is upon us and this is the perfect time to venture predictions about the innovative trends that 2022 will bring when it comes to interior design. We can certainly say that fashion in this sector will focus on the balance between man and nature, in a process of rapprochement in line with modern eco-sustainable philosophies.

Modern buildings will be furnished in a way that will be remembered, in every detail and colour. The new trends tell us of a decor that will transmit tranquillity, comfort and minimalism. Below we will look at the characteristics of this decidedly “greener” style.

The colours of the most beautiful landscapes

The world of interior design will increasingly see nature as a protagonist or a theme to be followed. The new trends are all about nature, which is being recalled in a predominant way thanks to the careful choice of colours: they will be warm and perfect for creating a relaxed and familiar atmosphere.

One of the stars of the trends for 2022 will be the blue of the sea. This colour is able to evoke calm and to relax the tired mind of a working day. It is ideal for domestic environments, but also for commercial premises and modern hotels.

Trends in interior design tell us that blue will also be appreciated in its darker shades. These will create a beautiful but not daring contrast with Ochre and Bronze, all sumptuous colours reminiscent of the desert and sandy beaches.

On the opposite side we have the green, a symbol of luxuriance and fertility. Olive green will take on particular prominence next year. The colour of forests and woods will make a perfect match for many contemporary commercial premises.
interior design style luxuty trends 2022

Interior design: rustic yet elegant materials for a minimalist style

Like the colours, the materials will also play an important role. They will be able to convey the message of respect for the environment and a return to nature that is raising the awareness of modern man. Glass, wood and stone: these are the protagonists of the trends for 2022. These simple, humble and unpretentious materials are actually very valuable in the world of interior design. They can guarantee numerous customisation possibilities and make any room more beautiful, welcoming and functional, but also full of style and originality.

The trends also speak of wicker, which will take us back in time and give us the warm sensation of being enveloped by the countryside and its tranquillity. The inspirational style is Nordic, which refers to a minimalism that is perfect for appreciating the simplicity of each element.

Luxury style in interior design

Luxury style is set to return to the forefront of trends in 2022, particularly in the interior design of hotels, shops, restaurants and venues of all kinds. Precious details, prestigious lighting and high-quality materials never go out of fashion! Discover our solutions and our interior design services, and keep following our blog to stay informed about the latest news and trends in the world of interior design.