At Marchi Interior Design we deal with Pastry shop design, offering a complete service from every point of view. Designing each environment in the right way is fundamental and we know it well.

The importance of furniture

A potential customer must be offered a welcoming and pleasant environment. When he enters the premises he needs emotions, regardless of the product being sold inside. The first impression is what invites him to enter. The second glance is the one that could definitively convince him. This is why it is so important to choose furniture with the right finishes and colours, or to understand when it is time to change image and renovate. Not doing so could prove to be very risky and offer the competition that extra “quid”… which your shop could have.

These are also factors to consider when it comes to designing pastry shops. Being able to combine quality, innovation and design in a pastry shops is certainly a goal to be achieved.

A timeless style

When it comes to designing this type of establishment, one of the styles we recommend is the luxury style. A luxury pastry shops has just that little bit more that potential customers are looking for. (to be welcomed)

When you think of this style, certain details and characteristics immediately come to mind, such as refinement, class and elegance. Durable materials that never go out of fashion, such as marble and wood, also come to mind. Luxury pastry shops design creates an ambience with a timeless, appealing and captivating look that will win you over at first glance.

Nowadays, thanks to progress in the sector, it is possible to combine luxury and modern styles, ensuring a stunning effect made up of winning contrasts and unique furnishing accessories. Golden or brass elements with a special character and perfect lighting can make a positive difference. Quality wooden tables and chairs, an efficient white counter and well-designed display cabinets can do the rest… This is only part of what you can bring into your working environment.


Pastry shop design: when the idea takes shape

Thanks to professionals in the field, such as designers, architects and engineers, creating a unique shop is not difficult. You too can furnish your pastry shops in the right way, choosing a winning style such as luxury. By requesting our bakery design service, you will be able to obtain a personalised and carefully studied realisation of the furnishings and the fitting out of the location. In any case, we will certainly not disappoint you.

We listen carefully to our customers and do our utmost to ensure that their ideas can take shape. We believe that every thought and wish of the customer is important in order to successfully complete each phase of the pastry shops design.

What are your ideas and how would you like your pastry shops to look?

We are ready to listen to you and to offer you our expertise and passion, our experience and our professionalism. We will always act with the intention of helping you achieve your desired goal. Don’t hesitate to ask us for more information about our pastry shops design service: we can offer you personalised advice and solutions tailored to your needs.