About us



The beginnings

1952 The year Nellusco Marchi founded the MARCHI company in Modena. The company immediately had its own internal production department and began to create the first customised contract furniture for shops, introducing the concept of complete supply.
When his son Maurizio joined the company, the clientele increased and diversified and MARCHI became a point of reference for all those who were looking for quality furnishings for hotels, restaurants and bars. Our interior design concept and our furniture production processes quickly won over a large number of customers.




MARCHI expanded its production structure to include metalworking, wood painting and a professional design service as part of its furniture production.



Marchi in the World

In the year 2000, the MARCHI company became very successful on the international market and we decided to open new branches. These locations would enable us to take our furniture and accessories to many parts of the world. Our plans quickly took shape.


Marchi in Cuba

In 2001 we opened our commercial branch in Havana, Cuba. This enabled us from the outset to skilfully manage the local market, offering a complete service in the field of contract furniture. The opening of the branch was followed by expansion into the Middle Eastern market.

since 2020


Every year we develop tailor-made projects for large companies and private individuals. From design to installation, we offer a 360-degree service, capable of satisfying the most diverse requirements. With the support of architects and designers, we offer a complete service with the utmost attention to detail and the choice of the most innovative materials and design, giving response and attention to the customer’s requests.

To achieve great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.ANATOLE FRANCE