The ability to produce, always taking care of the smallest detail.

We follow the production phase, step by step, giving value to craftsmanship and not forgetting the use of the most advanced technologies.

In parallel to the interior design service, we find the supply of furniture and furnishing complements. Following the project and the customer’s preferences, we start the production phase, carefully selecting the best raw materials. Throughout the process we value the increasingly refined craftsmanship, not forgetting the use of the most advanced technologies.

For the furnishing of commercial activities and the interior design of hotels, restaurants, bakeries and more, we offer a professional furniture production service designed to meet the most specific needs. We ensure diversified and functional solutions, and offer the choice between a wide variety of finishes and infinite customisations. We take care of the smallest detail and always aim to produce furniture that gives the environment dynamism and warmth.

A highly competitive and constantly evolving market pushes the Marchi Interior Design team towards continuous improvement in the management of the entire design and production process. Precisely for this reason we work in a constant search for quality and do our utmost to anticipate the evolution of the markets and to choose the best innovative technologies. All this has allowed us to become an important resource in the contract furnishing sector and enables us each time to ensure a highly satisfactory service from every point of view.

The ability to achieve the impossible