Retail and Office

The interior design solutions proposed by Marchi are aimed at all those working in the retail sector for the food and beverage industry and other sectors. From shop furnishing to office furnishing: our team of professionals is at your side to offer you a complete service. We can plan the interior design of your premises, select the best materials together and follow the production of each piece of furniture step by step.

After production, we can take care of setting up the entire working environment. Counters, showcases, display units, refrigerated counters, shelving of various sizes and office furniture: we can produce every element and accessory required. In each case we will propose a professional project and the production of furniture of excellent aesthetics, functionality and high quality.

This is what we offer at Marchi Interior Design: a complete, turnkey service, from design to the tailor-made fitting out of every room. Our team of professionals is at your disposal to create a shop and/or office designed to meet your needs. Our aim is to help you have a space that can simplify your daily work and make it easier to win and retain customers.