At Marchi Interior Design, we have been involved in contract furnishing and shop design for many years. One of our most recent projects, which we were particularly passionate about, was the Braccialini Luxury Store in Florence. We are proud to present our latest turnkey project for this very important Italian brand. We have completed it in the iconic city of Florence, in collaboration with Architecture Studio Emanuele Svetti.

A turnkey project

When we deal with shop design, our intention is always to provide a turnkey service. This means that we think of everything. We talk to the customer, put their wishes down on paper and turn them into a concrete project. We then bring that project to life, taking care of the supply of furniture and the further assembly and fitting out of the business premises. In practice, when we undertake shop design work, we only deliver the property when it is actually ready for use!

This is what we did with the Braccialini Luxury Store in Florence: what we created was a turnkey project. We worked together with Studio di Architettura Svetti Emanuele, supporting him and helping him to bring the project to life, translating it into material. Our 360-degree intervention ensured compliance with the costs and timescales set with the client for completion.

contract furniture and luxury shop designStore design: the phases of our intervention in Florence

After viewing the premises and analysing the state of the environment in question, the design requirements were assessed. An economic estimate was then made and a timetable drawn up. Then it was time to draw up the construction drawings, a process carefully carried out by the professionals at Marchi Interior Design. The construction drawings were then agreed upon with the client and the design studio that created the concept.

As with all our shop design work, the service was complete with:

  • Building work.
  • Supply and installation of electrical, water and air-conditioning installations.
  • Creation and application of finishes and decorations.
  • Creation and installation of made-to-measure furniture.
  • Testing and delivery of the finished environment.

The project coordinator was constantly present on site to give immediate answers to the problems of logistics and implementation right up to final cleaning.

furnishings contract luxury shops

Our shop design services

The Braccialini Luxury Store in Florence was a project that we completed with passion and satisfaction. It was possible to carry out each phase thanks to the great experience and workforce of our company and the professionals who make up our team. What also made the difference was our company’s great ability to offer new materials and suitable materials for the creation and design of shops.

As usual, we have proposed leading-edge solutions for the production of artefacts and acted in the best possible way in order to solve certain problems. Seventy years of history and experience in the world of contract furniture always allow us to create unique environments!

Of course, our shop design work also increases in value with the help of qualified suppliers and trusted craftsmen and applicators. Each professional working with us has been carefully selected during our years of work in the sector. In short, with Marchi Interior Design no detail is ever left to chance. We look forward to another project like the one we have just completed in Florence!