How many times have we walked into a pizza bar and been disappointed by the ambience? As they say, “the eye needs its part too”: this applies to the dishes on offer and even to the interior design of the place. For this reason, we would like to share with you some tips on interior design for pizza bars. If you want to furnish your place in a functional, innovative and attractive way, there are some details you should definitely consider!

Two golden rules: enhance the environment and divide it up in the right way

If you have a pizza bar and want to renovate it, or if you want to open one and want to differentiate yourself from your colleagues, you should keep a couple of tips in mind. First of all, consider that the environment you offer must be practical and efficient. The interior design of the pizzeria bar should be designed with a view to making the most of the functionality of the space, without forgetting the comfort of the customer.

If your business offers a dual service of bar and pizzeria, it will be useful to divide the room into several zones. Those who sit down to dine are always looking for a quiet environment. This is why it is important to have an area dedicated to refreshments and tastings, and one dedicated to the bar, the cash desk and takeaway.

Capturing attention with the perfect interior design of the bar/pizzeria

Impress your customers with attractive and unique design elements. Your personality can help you with this: use furnishings that can reflect your way of being and your style. Considering the personality of what your typical customer is or will be can also help you. Do you want to attract a young clientele, families, businessmen or another target group? Considering who you are and who you want to attract will certainly help you choose the right elements.

Nowadays it is also possible to catch the eye by planning an interior design for pizza bars with a focus on sustainability. In any event, it is important to ensure comfort and proper lighting for your customers and to choose furniture and materials that make a difference. Another thing that should not be underestimated is the open kitchen: customers love to see who is working and how they are working. Cleanliness and tidiness will be key, as will the quality of the ingredients on view. Even if these details are not part of the interior design for a bar-pizzeria, they will make any establishment even more appreciable.
the best interior design for bar pizzerias

The most popular furnishing styles

Knowing the latest trends will help you get a better idea of what’s right for you, don’t you agree? You should know that the latest trends are for rustic-style rooms with warm, relaxing colours. The perfect shades can be accompanied by the right lighting points, furniture, tables, shelves and stools made of raw wood and old heirlooms.

The modern style also wins over most restaurateurs and customers. In this case, custom-made furniture, original designs and at the same time elegant designs are often chosen. The modern look favours an interior design for pizza bars characterised by strong colours and cool lighting.

Our support for interior design for bar pizzerias

If you would like to design an establishment with a unique style, excellent furniture and an attractive design, you can rely on our team. From the interior design for bar pizzerias to the fitting out of your premises, our designers and professionals are at your service!