Are you looking for someone to take care of vintage bakery design? Marchi Interior Design can help you and take care of every detail, from the design to the fitting out of the premises. But before helping you, we would like to give you some ideas: you have chosen a style that hides many peculiarities!

The importance of the right furniture

How important is the choice of furnishings in a pastry shop? A lot if we consider that behind the choice of furnishings there is everything we want to communicate to the customer. There is the idea, the sensations and the emotions we want to arouse in them when they enter our premises. These are all elements which, together with the goodness of the products on offer, will engage them and make them come back to us. Thanks to vintage bakery design, you can succeed in fully engaging your customers. However, first you need to understand what exactly you want and what personality you want to give your place.

The characteristics of vintage style

One of the current trendy styles in bakery decoration is the vintage style. It is characterised by the use of slightly retro furniture and accessories and the addition of objects at least twenty years old. The furnishings can be enriched with unique pieces found in specialised shops or at antique markets.

Vintage style allows for maximum customisation and can help you give your establishment the unique touch it needs to conquer customers. By requesting our vintage bakery design service, you can create a special ambience by choosing from the main variations of vintage style that are currently in vogue.
vintage bakery design

Variants and trends for vintage bakery design

Very fashionable is the shabby style, which is often combined with the vintage style. Shabby furniture is romantic and characterised by the prevalence of white, the use of wooden furniture with an antique effect and decorations in glass or wood. It can make any vintage bakery even more charming.

The industrial style, much in vogue in recent years, is reminiscent of the large factories of 1950s New York. It is characterised by large spaces, exposed piping, brick walls and large lamps that descend directly onto the tables and counter. The materials used in this style are metal and concrete, wrought iron and faux leather. It is the ideal declination for those who want to make use of the design of less romantic and more attractive vintage bakeries.

The Provencal style is another variant or declination to consider. It is so called because it originated in Provence, an area in the south of France. It is quite reminiscent of the shabby style and is mainly characterised by the use of white, lilac and ivory colours. The preferred materials are wood, wrought iron and ecru. The essential element in this style is flowers, especially in yellow, white and lavender.

Vintage bakery design: it’s time to get started

The term ‘vintage style’ is generally used to refer to objects that hark back to the past. There are many styles of furniture that convey this concept, but they have different personalities.  Which one is best for you? Let our vintage bakery design experts help you. With Marchi Interior Design your every interior design wish can come true!