Commercial furniture is a world in which there is always something new and inspiring to be found year after year. The sector is always offering new solutions, often driven by trends in interior design. Today we are talking about this, answering a specific question: what are the latest trends and what do they offer us?

Unicity is the key word

We can take our cue from other venues, but what we have to do is make our environment unique. The latest trends are leading us towards original and unusual shopfitting. The trends speak of mash-ups of shapes and materials and special colour combinations. But they also speak of more subdued elements – made from wood – and of handcrafted furniture. In short, everything that makes a room unique is a trendy choice!

Lighting that changes the atmosphere

The trends in shopfitting also include lighting. Spotlights, light paths and original chandeliers are all the rage.

LEDs allow you to illuminate and create, and this is a detail that should not be underestimated as it gives personality to any room. LEDs help to enhance commercial premises and attract attention.

Putting the emphasis on luxory style

While last year’s trends were towards vintage or shabby chic, the latest trend is towards luxory. The latter is made up of refined details, meticulous finishes and elements that always give that extra touch of elegance. Marble and quartz are certainly the most popular materials here. In addition to this style, modern and industrial chic are also very popular.

Furniture for commercial activities: trends for the restaurant sector

Focusing on the restaurant sector, we can say with certainty that in recent times the world of design has been pushing us to value outdoor environments and furnish them with care. These areas offer the possibility of elegant terrace dining as well as cosy waiting areas for those who prefer to take away food. Trends even show us open kitchens, surrounded by windows and functional counters.


furniture for commercial activities in the catering sector

Ask for advice from an interior designer experienced in commercial furniture.

Do you want to open a shop or restaurant and don’t know how to furnish it? If you find yourself in this situation, the best solution is to rely on an interior designer. By relying on a valid professional, you can take advantage of an ad hoc design. Marchi Interior Design is at your service: we can help you choose the best furniture for commercial activities.

We will be able to study the environment you have chosen and then propose the production of custom-made furniture and the use of the most optimal materials. Our experience in the field of commercial furniture, without setting aside trends, will allow us to improve the functionality of your property and expand its potential. Our team is at your side: we will take care of every detail from the design to the fitting out of the various rooms. Request more information about our services and a no-obligation consultation as soon as possible.